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Basement Floor Finishing | Erie, PA

A home is only as good as its foundation. A properly poured and sealed concrete foundation sets homeowners up for a basement that can expand both living space and functionality substantially. It also anchors everything on top of it, through the best and worst the climate has to offer. Mark Anthony Concrete understands the value of a good start to keep your home strong and a good finish (such as polish or epoxy) to keep everyone in it satisfied.

Why choose Mark Anthony Concrete for my new

or refinished basement?

Trustworthiness, no matter what the scale

Mark Anthony Concrete reliably completes projects of all sizes on a regular basis — both on a smaller residential scale and on a grander commercial scale. 

We’re open-minded.

Your ideas are our passion. If you’d prefer to leave your basement unfinished, we’ll make sure its a sound foundation for the stories built and shared above it. If you’d like to transform your basement into that entertainment area or bar you’ve always dreamt of, we can finish your basement floor with inviting colors, patterns, and designs. 

We use only the finest materials.

Mark Anthony Concrete’s mixes will help keep your basement warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry throughout.